Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ingredients :

Milk : 500ml
Sugar : 3tbsp
milkmaid : 3/4tin
Jelly Powder: 1pkt, strawberry flavor
custard powder : 2tbsp, strawberry flavor
Strawberry crush : 5tbsp / Chopped strawberries

Method :

1. Make the jelly according to the instructions given on the packet cover and pour half of it to the pudding dish. Keep aside the remaining jelly.

2. Add custard powder to 3/4Cup milk and dissolve it nicely by stirring continuously. Boil rest of the milk. Add custard mixture and sugar to the boiling milk and stir well till it begins to thick. Remove from heat.

3. Add milkmaid/mithaimate ,and strawberry crush to the custard and mix well. Combine the remaining jelly with custard. Pour it over the pudding dish and transfer the vessel to the lower rack of refrigerator. Jelly will set nicely with in 2-3hrs.

5. Garnish with chunks of jelly crystals / sliced strawberry / Whipped cream.


  1. amazing snap..i like any dessert with jellies..super click..

  2. That looks delicious. The only thing is I don't enjoy jelly.