Thursday, August 22, 2013

SOYA CHUNKS Biriyani / Pressure cooker Soya chunks Pulao

suya chunks cooker biriyani / soya chunks pulao

Recipe for Soya chunks Biriyani / Pressure cooker Soya chunks Pulao
Serves : 4
Cooking Time : 30 minutes

Ingredients : 

Basmati Rice : 1 1/2Cup, washed and drained
Soya Chunks : 100g
Onion : 2, thinly Sliced
Tomato : 1, chopped finely
Green chillies :3
Ginger :1 inch piece
Garlic : 6cloves
Mint leaves :10
Coriander leaves : 1bunch
Chilli powder : 1tsp
Bay leaf :1
Ghee :1tbsp
Coconut Oil : 1tbsp
Lemon Juice :1tsp
Coconut milk : 1Cup

For the Biriyani Masala :

Coriander seeds :1tbsp
Cumin seeds :1tsp
Black peppercorns :1tsp
Cardamom : 3 pods
Cloves : 3
Cinnamon :1inch stick

How to make Soya chunks biriyani in pressure cooker ?

1. Dry roast all ingredients for biriyani masala on a skillet and grind it to a fine powder after it cools. 

2. Soak soya chunks in water for 20 minutes. Now wash it well under running water and squeeze well. Boil water in a kadai and add cleaned soya chunks. Turn off the flame and close with a tight lid. after 10 minutes, drain the water and squeeze water out of it.

3. Make a paste of ginger, garlic, green chilli, mint leaves and half of the coriander leaves. Heat Ghee and coconut oil in a pressure cooker and add the ginger+ garlic+mint+chilli+coriander paste to the oil and cook till you get a nice aroma. Now add onion and cook till they turn to golden brown in color. Add tomato and saute well over medium flame.

4. Add the dry roasted biriyani masala and chilli powder and stir in for 2minutes. Now add the soya chunks and basmati rice and combine well with the masala. Add salt and Cook for 3minutes.

5. Now add coconut milk, 2 1/4 Cups of water and lemon juice. Cover the pressure cooker with a lid and cook till done.(i cooked for 1whistle and kept for 5minutes before opening the cooker).

6. Garnish with the rest of coriander leaves and serve hot with raitha.


  1. using soya chunks to rice for the effect of meat was i used to do....wonderful to make complete biriyani with this

  2. Hi lena i tried this receipe . My son liked it .