Friday, October 16, 2009


Ingredients  for Kerala Chicken curry:
Chicken : 1kg
Onion : 2, chopped
Tomato : 1.chopped
Green Chilli : 2, chopped
Ginger : 1 inch piece, chopped
Garlic : 5 pods, Chopped
Bay leaves : 1, Crushed
Curry leaves : 2 Spring
Coriander leaves : 2 bunch, chopped
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Chilli Powder : 1 1/2tsp
Coriander Powder : 2 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala : 2tsp
Pepper Powder : 1tsp

How to cook Kerala Chicken curry : 

1. Heat oil in a kadhai and add chopped onion and saute till it becomes translucent.
 Add chopped tomatoes and saute well.

2. Now add green chilli, ginger,garlic paste and make a dry paste. Take care not to let it stick to the pan. Now you can add all masalas - chilli powder, coriander powder, pepper powder, turmeric powder and saute well.

3. When the masala turns little darker in color and with a nice aroma add the chicken pieces and 1cup of water. When it comes to boiling point add salt and mix well. Cover the pan with a tight lid. Cook till the chicken pieces are done.

4. Add coriander leaves, garam masala and cover the kadhai with the lid and cook for another 5minutes. Serve nadan kozhi curry/ Kerala Chicken curry hot with Puttu, appam, Idiappam, Kerala rice roti, kerala pathiri, rice, bread or chappathi.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Ingredients :
Button mushroom : 15, halved
Onion : 2, chopped
Tomato : 1, chopped
Ginger+garlic+green chilli paste : 1tsp
Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Pepper Powder : 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Coriander Powder : 1tsp
Cinnamon : 1 inch stick
cardamom : 3
Fennel seeds : 1/2 tsp
Cloves ; 3
Coriander leaves : 1/4 cup, chopped
Cashew paste : 1/2 cup
Garam masala : 1/2 tsp
Method :

1. Heat oil in a kadhai and add cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds and cardamom. Now add chopped onion and saute till it becomes translucent.

2. Add chopped tomatoes and saute well. Now add green chilli, ginger,garlic paste and make a dry paste.

3. Take care not to let it stick to the pan. Now you can add all masalas - chilli powder, coriander powder, pepper powder, turmeric powder and saute well.

4. Saute in low heat. When the masala turns little darker in color and with a nice aroma add 1cup of water.

5. When it comes to boiling point add salt along with mushroom and mix well. cook for 10 minutes and add cashew paste.
6. Add coriander leaves, garam masala and cook for another 5minutes.

7. Serve hot with chappathi or naan.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Ingredients :

Digestive Biscuits : 175g, crushed
Caster Sugar : 55g
Salt : 1/8tsp
Butter : 115g, melted
Desiccated Coconut : 85g
Plain Chocolate Chips : 260g
Sweetend Condensed milk : 250ml
Chopped Walnuts : 115g

Method :

1. In a bowl, combine the crushed biscuits, sugar, salt and butter. Press the mixture evenly over the bottom of an ungreased 13 x 9in(33 x 23cm) baking dish.

2. Sprinkle the coconut over the biscuit base, then scatter over the chocolate chips.

3. Pour the condensed milk evenly over the chocolate. Sprinkle the walnuts on top.

4. Bake 30 minutes. Unmould onto a wire rack and let cool, preferably overnight. When cooled, cut into slices.

Recipe adapted from "Baking" by Martha Day.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ingredients :

Beaten Rice (Poha) : 1 1/2Cup
Onion : 1, Chopped
Green Chillies : 2, Chopped
Ginger : 3/4 inch piece, Chopped
Coriander Leaves : 3Bunch , Chopped
Mustard Seeds : 1tsp
Handful of Peanuts
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Grated Coconut : 4tsp
Fine Sev : 4tsp, to garnish
Lemon juice : 1tsp

Method :

1. Soak the beaten rice in water. Wash and drain well. Keep aside for 10minutes.

2. Heat oil in a pan and fry the peanuts. Keep aside.

3. Add some more oil if needed and add mustard seeds. When it splutters add the chopped onions and saute well till it becomes translucent.

4. Now add chopped green chillies, ginger and grated coconut. Saute well.

5. Cook well and add turmeric powder, salt and half of coriander leaves.

6. Now add the drained beaten rice and mix well. Sprinkle water and cover the pan with a tight lid. Put more salt if needed.

7. Sprinkle water till poha is done. At this stage add lemon juice, fried peanuts and the remaining coriander leaves.

8. Garnish with sev and serve hot..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A thrilling prawn dish cooked in a thick sauce with ginger, curry leaves, shallots and tomato.

Ingredients :

Prawns : 250g
Shallots : 15, chopped
Ginger : 1 inch piece, chopped
Garlic : 5cloves, chopped
Green chilli : 2,chopped
Tomato : 1, small, chopped
Curry leaves : 2spring
Coriander leaves : 2bunch
Cinnamon : 1 inch stick
Cardamom : 3
Cloves : 3
Garam masala : 1tsp
Chilli Powder : 1tsp + 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp + 1/2tsp
coriander Powder : 1tsp
Lemon Juice :1tsp
Coconut Oil

Method :

1. Make a paste of ginger, garlic, green chilli, curry leaves and coriander leaves.

2. Marinate the cleaned prawns in half of the above mentioned paste, chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, salt and lime juice for 1hour.

3. Now in a sauce pan add coconut oil. One by one add crushed cinnamon sticks, ardamom, cloves and then the remaining ginger+garlic paste(step 1).

4. Now add the chopped shallots and saute till it becomes translucent. Add the chopped tomato and close the pan with a lid. (As i dont like tomatoes taste in prwns, i add 3/4th of a small tomato)

5. When the tomatoes are cooked properly add the chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder .

6. Now add the marinated prawns along with half glass of water. close pan tightly with a lid.

7. When the prawns are completely cooked open the lid and make a thick masala. Add salt if needed.

8. Serve hot with Rice or Appam..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ingredients :

Drumsticks : 3, chopped into 2inch piece
Shallots : 10, chopped
Turmeric extract : 5tbsp(small lemon size soaked in water)
Thick Coconut milk : 1cup
Medium thick coconut milk : 1Cup
Green Chilli : 2, chopped
Curry leaves : 2springs
Mustard : 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Red Chilli(dried) : 2

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped shallots. Saute for 5minutes in low flame and add drumsticks, Turmeric powder, green chillies and salt.

2. Now add medium thick coconut milk and add 1spring of curry leaves.

3. When drumsticks are completely cooked, add tamarind extract. Close the pan with a tight lid and cook for some time.

4. Add the thick coconut milk at this stage and add salt if needed. Cook for maximum 3minutes.

5. Now for thadka, heat oil and add mustard, red chillies and curry leaves. Add it to the theeyal and close with a tight lid. after 5minutes you can mix the curry with a spoon to get the aroma of thadka in curry...

6. Serve hot with rice, pappad and lime pickle!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ingredients :
Fish : 250g

Shallots : 10

Ginger+Green Chilli+Garlic : 1tsp
Curry Leaves : 3spring
Turmeric powder : 3/4tsp

Chilli powder : 2tsp

Cumin powder : 1/2tsp

Lime juice : 1tsp


Method :

1. Make a fine paste of Shallot, green chilli paste, Curry leaves, Chilli powder, turmeric powder, Salt and lime juice.

2. Marinate the fish pieces in masala and refrigerate for 1 hour.

3. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the fish

4. Serve hot with chappathi or Rice

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a traditional Kerala breakfast, it is also known as "Ela Ada". This is made in banana leaf. You can make this ada using rice flour, wheat flour or with ragi flour.

Ingredients :

Rice flour : 2Cups
water : 3.5Cups
Coconut Oil : 1tsp +3tsp
Banana Leaf : without central strip
Grated coconut : 1 1/2Cup
Jaggery : 200g
Ghee : 2tsp
Cardamom Powder : 1tsp
Ripe Plantain : 1, chopped

Method :

1. Boil water in a vessel that can be used to mix the flour. When water boils, add salt and oil(1tsp). On a low flame add the rice flour slowly and mix. After closing the vessel with a tight lid turn off the flame.

2. When it turns warm, mix the dough with hand(preferably) and keep aside.

2. Make "Sarkkarappavu" by melting jaggery with enough water. Melt jaggery on a medium flame for 15minutes. Filter this when it becomes cool. Heat it again on a low flame to make it thick.

3. For the filling add grated coconut, jaggery(sarkkarappavu), ghee, banana and cardamom powder in a pan. Mix well till the filling becomes thick.

4. Now on banana leaf spread coconut oil. From the dough take a handful spread it on banana leaf. If you find difficulty in spreading the dough dip your fingers in water and then try to spread again.

5. Spread 2spoonfull of filling on it and fold the leaf carefully. Press the sides of the ada and carefully to seal it and place them in a steamer.

6. After 15minitues ada will be completely cooked. To check whether its completely done, you just try to remove the sides of the leaf from ada. if its coming out clean, then ada is done and you can enjoy a sweet breakfast.

7. You can get recipe of ragi ada and detailed snaps in Simply spicy.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Ingredients :

Ripe Plantains : 3
Maida : 1Cup
Rice powder : 4tbsp
Sugar : 5tbsp
Turmeric Powder : a Pinch
Salt : 1/2tsp
Baking powder : 1/2 tsp
Cardamom powder : 1/4 tsp
Oil to fry

Method :

1. Peel the skin of each ripe plantain and cut into 3 equal parts and split these into halves.

2. Make a soft batter with maida, turmeric powder, sugar, rice powder, baking powder, cardamom powder, salt and little water. Batter should not be watery.

3. Heat oil in a frying pan. Dip each pieces into the batter and place it on the pan and fry both the sides till it becomes golden brown.

4. Serve hot as an evening snack.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Kudampuli / gambooge is a type of tamarind which we use in kerala to make fish curry. As a sour agent we use tamarind / tomato / lime juice / raw mango / ilumpan puli / kudampuli. Here i am using kudampuli to make this delicious fish curry.
 This is a best combination with rice, appam, kappa and bread.

Ingredients :

Pomfret/King Fish : 1/2kg
Shallots : 5 +2,chopped
Ginger : 1/2 inch piece, chopped
Green Chilli : 2, chopped
Curry leaves : 2 springs
Turmeric Powder :1/4tsp
Chilly Powder : 1 1/4tsp
Coriander powder : 1/4tsp
Gambooge : 1 1/2 pieces
Coconut Oil : 1tsp
Fennel : 1/4tsp(optional)
Coconut milk :1st, second and third extract from half coconut

Method :

1. Using a mixer grinder, crush together 5shallots, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves.

2. In a clay pot, combine coconut milk along with the paste of shallots (step 1), turmeric powder, chilly powder, coriander powder, gambooge and salt . Heat on medium flame.

3. When it boils add fish pieces and boil for 20minutes.

4. In a tadka pan heat coconut oil and add chopped shallots. Saute well till it becomes golden in color. Add this to hot fish curry and combine well.

5. serve hot with rice / appam / kappa :)

Note : 1) Soak gambooge in warm water for 15minutes and then clean under running water. 2) If you like the flavor of fennel, add it in first stem to make a rough paste with shallots and follow the following instructions.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello fellow bloggers......

I am back after a long break (was out of coverage area)...hope everyone was busy cooking and didn't notice my absence?? I am just going over all the lovely posts and i realized how much i have missed....... It's nice to be back :) let me celebrate that feeling by posting one of my favorite snacks.

Ingredients :

Prawns : 250gm, Medium sized, deveined
Chillli Powder : 2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/4tsp
Garam Masala : 1/2tsp
Lime juice : 2tsp
Coriander leaves : 1bunch
Ginger: 1/2inch piece
Garlic :3cloves
Green Chilli :1
Bread Crumbs : 1Cup
Egg white : 1/2 Cup
Refined Oil

Method :

1. Make a paste of
Chillli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Garam Masala, Lime juice, Coriander leaves, Ginger, Garlic and Green Chilli.

2. Marinate Prawns in the masala paste for minimum 3hours.

3. Now insert a toothpick from top of the prawns till end in lengthwise. [You should be careful while inserting toothpicks].

4. Dip each Prawn sticks in egg white and roll it over the bread crumbs. Place it on a plate and continue the same for remaining prawns.

5. In a Saucepan heat oil and place each prawn sticks.

6. Golden fry each prawn sticks and serve hot with ketch up or mayonnaise.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ingredients :
Chicken :1kg 
Shallots : 15, chopped
 Ginger + Garlic +Green 
chilli paste : 2tbsp
Ginger :1tsp, chopped 
Garlic : 1tsp, chopped
 Green chilli : 1tsp, chopped
 Curry leaves : 2 sprigs
 Vinegar : 1 tbsp 
Coriander powder : 3 tsp
 Chili powder : 1 1/2 tsp 
Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
 Garam masala : 1 tbsp 
Thick coconut milk : 1/2 cup
 Coconut oil : 2 tbsp
 Method : 
 1.In a sauce pan, roast coriander powder,turmeric powder,chili powder and garam masala till you get nice aroma. 
 2. Grind the these powders along with vinegar, ginger chilli garlic paste, curry leaves and salt to a fine paste
3.Marinate the chicken pieces well with the above paste and set aside for an hour 
4.Heat oil in the same pan and saute ginger and garlic .  
 5.Add shallots ,green chilies and Curry leaves and saute till it turns brown.
 6.Combine marinated chicken into it and cook in a low flame. 7.Once it is half cooked add the coconut milk
 8.Increase the flame and stir till the gravy is coated with chicken and the oil is separated.
 9. Serve hot with Pathiri / appam / idiyappam / rice.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Roti and Grean Peas masala is a special breakfast recipe which i have seen only in my place Thrissur. This spicy curry goes well with appam and Puttu too.

Note : I Pressure cook the kaldala directly in 2nd and 3rd extract of coconut milk. It will appear as curdled when you open the pressure cooker. Let it boil for few minutes and then add 1st extract. :)

Ingredients :

Roasted Rice Flour -2 cups
Grated coconut -1 cup
Shallots – 5, chopped
Jeera – 1 tsp
Salt – to taste

Method :

1. Heat 2cups of water. When it boils, remove it from heat and add chopped shallots, grated coconut, jeera and salt in a vessel.

2. Add the rice flour into same vessel and combine well with a spoon.. Knead it to a fine dough using hand without adding water.(Note:-This kneading part has to be done before the flour is completely cooled.)

3. Knead well with both hands. Dont add more water or rice powder. If needed wet hands. If the water content in dough is more and starts to stick in your hands, add coconut oil in both hands and start making small balls as we do for chappathis..

4. Press the balls in between Palms. As i have one round mould with me, i use that to make exact shape. You can make it big with your palms. cut the edges and make them in perfect shape.

5. Keep thava on medium flame. When thava is hot place rotti on it. Knead well with both hands. Dont add more water or rice powder. If needed wet hands. If the water content in dough is more and starts to stick in your hands, add coconut oil in both hands and start making small balls as we do for chappathis..

6. Place thawa on medium flame. When it becomes hot, place roti on it and allow both sides to be crispy. Turn to other side and allow it to be crispy. Serve hot with Peas masala / potato masala curry / egg curry.

Ingredients :

Dry Green Peas : 1 cup
Onions : 2, sliced
Cardamom : 2
Cloves : 2

Cinnamon :1 inch piece, crushed
Green chillies : 2, chopped
Ginger : 1/2 inch piece, chopped
Garlic pods : 4
Curry leaves : 3 springs
Coriander powder : 1 1/4tsp
Chilly powder : 3/4tsp
Turmeric powder : 1/4tsp
Coconut Milk  : 1st, 2nd and 3rd extract from 1/2 of a coconut
coconut Oil

Method :

1. Soak the dry green peas overnight. It should be soft before you pressure cook.

2. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Now add  onions and saute well till its translucent. Add green chillies, garlic, ginger and curry leaves. Saute for another 2minutes and then add chilli powder and coriander powder. Fry it till you get a nice aroma and add the drained grean Peas. Saute well for 3-4minutes and add salt, Turmeric powder and enough water to pressure cook it. Turn off the flame after 2whistles.

3. When pressure releases, add 2nd and 3rd extract of coconut milk and allow it to boil till the gravy reduces to half(level of gravy should be lesser than grean peas in the pressure cooker). Now add 1st extract of coconut milk and allow to boil for 1minute. Turn off the flame and Serve hot with Puttu / Rice Roti / appam / Parotta / chappathis.

Note : I Pressure cook the grean peas directly in 2nd and 3rd extract of coconut milk. It will appear as curdled when you open the pressure cooker. Let it boil for few minutes and then add 1st extract. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Ingredients :

Basmati rice : 2Cup
Cinnamon : 2inch piece, crushed + 1/2 inch piece
Cardamom : 5pods + 2
Pepper : 4
Cumin seeds : 1/2tsp + 1/4tsp
Cloves : 5 + 2
Coriander seeds : 1/2tsp + 1/4tsp
Mint leaves : 10
Coriander leaves : 5bunch, chopped
Onions : 1 1/2, medium, thin sliced
Turmeric powder : 1pinch
Lime juice : 2tsp
Curd : 1/4Cup
Oil : 5tsp
Ghee 3tsp + 6tsp

To marinate :

Shrimp \Prawn shelled and deveined : 500g
Green chillies/Ginger/Garlic paste : 1 1/2tsp
Red chilly powder: 2 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 3/4tsp
Yogurt : 1/4cup

To Garnish :

Cashew : 25g
Raisins :25g
Onion : 1/2, sliced
Green Peas : 1/4Cup(Optional)
Ghee : 3tsp

Method :

1. Clean the shrimp and pat dry it.

2. Marinate shrimp in Red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, yogurt and green chilli/garlic/ginger paste. Keep in refrigerator for minimum of 4 hours.

3. In a saucepan, heat 3tsp ghee and 5tsp oil. Add 2pods cardamom, 2cloves, 1/4tsp cumin seeds, 1/4stp coriander seeds. Now add the marinated shrimp and shallow fry it. Keep aside the fried shrimps.

4. Wash and soak rice for 15minutes. In the same Saucepan heat 6tsp ghee and add thinly sliced onions and pinch of salt. Saute until golden brown and remove from the oil and set aside.

5. Now add the shallow fried prawns, 1/4 cup curd, thinly sliced onions(Step 4), and a pinch mint and coriander leaves. Cook for 4 to 5minutes in low flame and combine it well. Add salt if needed. Keep aside.

6. In the same pan, Boil the rice separately in 4Cups of water with whole spices and salt in the same sauce pan and bring to a boil. Cover pan with a tight lid. When the rice is 80% done, drain the rice in a strainer\colander or remove the lid and let it become dry.

7. Now in a steamer make layers using rice and shrimp masala. Add lime juice. Cover tightly and Cook for 5minutes.

8. Mix Layers. If you want to make it colorful add boiled peas.

9. Now to garnish the biriyani, in a saucepan heat ghee and add cashews and then raisins. Roast it and keep aside. Add the onion slice and fry them till it becomes brown in color.

10. Before serving mix completely and garnish with the onion, cashew and Raisins ans 2 to 3 shrimp on top.

I am sending this to R
avishing Rice started by Nags and Meeta.

Monday, June 1, 2009


An easy recipe using vermicelli, which can be served as a dessert..

Ingredients :Vermicelli : 1Cup
Milk : 2Cup
Sugar : 3/4Cup
Ghee : 1/4Cup
Cashews : 1/4Cup, 
ChoppedRaisins : 3tsp
Strawberry Syrup : Strawberry Crush 5tsp / Strawberry jam 4tsp Mixed in 6tsp Water
Elaichi : 2tsp, Powdered

Method :
1. Fry the cashews and raisins in 2tsp of ghee until golden brown and keep aside.
2. Add 1tsp ghee in the same pan and fry the vermicelli until golden brown and keep aside.
3. Add Milk in the same pan and bring into the boiling point and add the vermicelli along with elaichi powder.
4. Now add the strawberry syrup and combine it well with kesari.
5. When the vermicelli is half cooked, add the sugar(Otherwise vermicelli will become like a paste).
6. Add the remaining ghee and saute nicely till it becomes a thick halwa. Add half of the roasted cashew and raisins.
7. Serve hot and garnish with roasted cashew and raisins.

You can make this without strawberry syrup which results in yummy traditional semiya kesari. This is my entry to Strawberry Fest at My Kitchen also sending Strawberry Jelly Delight to this event..

Monday, May 25, 2009


You are in a hurry and want to prepare something spicy?.... I give you... Pepper Mushroom fry. Mushroom contains 80-90% of water and are very low in calories(only 100cal/oz). Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that helps lower elevated blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

Ingredients :

Button Mushrooms : 500, Chopped
Crushed Black Pepper : 5tsp + 2tsp
Onion : 1, Chopped
Capsicum : 1, Chopped
Refined Oil

Method :

1. In a Sauce pan add 5tsp oil, Crushed pepper and salt at same time. Spread uniformly all over the pan.

2. When you get the aroma of roasted pepper (1-2min) add the chopped mushroom. Saute nicely. each mushroom should be covered with crushed pepper.

3. Close the pan with a tight lid and cook in low flame some time.When it is completely cooked (4-5min max) open the lid and let it dry . You can see oil on top of the mushroom.

4. Now transfer mushrooms to another pan and add chopped onions and capsicum. Add 1tsp oil, 1/2 tsp salt and 2tsp crushed pepper and saute nicely. When it becomes soft, add the cooked mushrooms and close the pan with lid.(2min)

5. After that, open the lid and mix all the ingredients well and let it become dry. Add salt if needed. Pepper mushroom is ready...Garnish with spring onion.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Fish Molly is one of the authentic Kerala recipe made with King Fish. This time i tried with Pomfret fish. A mild dish that can be eaten with appams, plain rice or White bread.

Ingredients :

Fish : 1/2 kg ( preferably king fish ), i used pomfret.
Shallots : 5-6
Cardamom : 4
Cloves : 4
Cinnamon : 1inch stick
Thin Coconut milk - 1 cup, (Third Extract)
Medium Coconut milk - 1 cup, (Second Extract)
Thick Coconut milk - 1/2 cup, (First Extract)
Curry leaves

To make paste :

Onion :1, Chopped
Green Chilli :2, Chopped
Ginger :1inch piece, Chopped
Garlic : 4cloves
Turmeric powder : 1/4tsp
Curry leaves : 2spring

To Marinate :

Pepper Powder : 4tsp
Turmeric Powder : 3/4tsp
Vinegar : 4tbsp

Method :

1. Marinate the fish pieces with pepper powder, turmeric powder, salt & vinegar. Keep it for one hour.

2. In a sauce pan, shallow fry the marinated fish Pieces. Keep aside.

3. Heat oil in the same pan. Splutter cardamom,cinnamon & cloves. Add shallots and saute in medium heat. Now add the paste of onion, chilli, turmeric powder, curry leaves, garlic and ginger. Once it gets the aroma of masala add the third extract of coconut milk. Let it boil.

4. Add the fried fish pieces &salt. When the gravy becomes little thick add medium coconut milk. Cover and simmer for some time. Remove the pan from heat and gently add thick coconut milk & just heat it.

Note : If you require a thicker gravy please add 2 teaspoons of cornflour to this.Serve hot with Palappam or bread.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This chocolate chip cookie recipe is easy to make and a delicious treat for anyone.


Butter, at room temperature : 3/4 cup

granulated Sugar : 3/4 cup ( or you can use use 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup granulated sugar)
Vanilla Essence : 1/2 tsp
All Purpose Flour : 1 1/2cups
Baking Soda : 1/2t sp
chocolate chips : 1/2 cup

Salt : a pinch


1. Preheat oven at 180˚C or 350 F. Grease a baking sheet or line with parchment paper..

2. With an electric mixer, cream the butter until light. Add the sugar and vanilla and continue mixing until fluffy. 

3. Sift the flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Combine this dry ingredients with the butter mixture and combine well. Stir in the Chocolate chips and fold them in. (Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes for better results)

4. Roll a tablespoon full of the mixture into walnut sized balls. Place 2in(5cm) apart on the prepared sheets and flatten slightly. Bake until golden, about 10 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.