Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ingredients :

Falooda Sev / vermicelli : 100g
Raspberry / strawberry jelly crystals : 1pkt
condensed milk : 1/2tin
Sabja Seeds : 3tbsp
Vanilla Icecream : 6Scoops
Strawberry Icecream : 6scoops
Cherries : 6
Dry Fruits : 6tbsp, finely chopped
Rose Milk : 1/4Cup(optional)

Method :

1. Make Jelly according to the instructions given on packet. Transfer it to two bowls and add condensed milk to one bowl. Stir well and allow to cool. Then transfer both bowls to refrigerator until it sets completely(minimum 3-4hours).

2.  Meanwhile soak sabja seeds in 1 1/2cups of water and 3tbsp sugar. Transfer to refrigerator.

3. Cook vermicelli in enough water along with 6tbsp sugar. Drain under running water and set aside. You can refrigerate also.

4. To serve, take 6 serving glasses and arrange vermicelli to one corner of the glass. Top with jelly, jelly+condensed milk mix, sabja seeds, rooh afza syrup, dryfruits, strawberry icecream, sabja seeds, dryfuits and vanilla icecream in the same order as shown in picture.

5. Garnish with cherries or praline powder or rooh afza surup.

Notes :

1. To make Falooda drink, make rose milk according to the instructions and allow it to cool and refrigerate for hours. In a tall glass arrange cooked vermicelli and sabja seeds and pour the cooled rose milk syrup on top. you can mix a scoop of vanilla icecream to make it more delicious. Top with try fruits.