Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ingredients :

Beaten Rice (Poha) : 1 1/2Cup
Onion : 1, Chopped
Green Chillies : 2, Chopped
Ginger : 3/4 inch piece, Chopped
Coriander Leaves : 3Bunch , Chopped
Mustard Seeds : 1tsp
Handful of Peanuts
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Grated Coconut : 4tsp
Fine Sev : 4tsp, to garnish
Lemon juice : 1tsp

Method :

1. Soak the beaten rice in water. Wash and drain well. Keep aside for 10minutes.

2. Heat oil in a pan and fry the peanuts. Keep aside.

3. Add some more oil if needed and add mustard seeds. When it splutters add the chopped onions and saute well till it becomes translucent.

4. Now add chopped green chillies, ginger and grated coconut. Saute well.

5. Cook well and add turmeric powder, salt and half of coriander leaves.

6. Now add the drained beaten rice and mix well. Sprinkle water and cover the pan with a tight lid. Put more salt if needed.

7. Sprinkle water till poha is done. At this stage add lemon juice, fried peanuts and the remaining coriander leaves.

8. Garnish with sev and serve hot..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A thrilling prawn dish cooked in a thick sauce with ginger, curry leaves, shallots and tomato.

Ingredients :

Prawns : 250g
Shallots : 15, chopped
Ginger : 1 inch piece, chopped
Garlic : 5cloves, chopped
Green chilli : 2,chopped
Tomato : 1, small, chopped
Curry leaves : 2spring
Coriander leaves : 2bunch
Cinnamon : 1 inch stick
Cardamom : 3
Cloves : 3
Garam masala : 1tsp
Chilli Powder : 1tsp + 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp + 1/2tsp
coriander Powder : 1tsp
Lemon Juice :1tsp
Coconut Oil

Method :

1. Make a paste of ginger, garlic, green chilli, curry leaves and coriander leaves.

2. Marinate the cleaned prawns in half of the above mentioned paste, chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, salt and lime juice for 1hour.

3. Now in a sauce pan add coconut oil. One by one add crushed cinnamon sticks, ardamom, cloves and then the remaining ginger+garlic paste(step 1).

4. Now add the chopped shallots and saute till it becomes translucent. Add the chopped tomato and close the pan with a lid. (As i dont like tomatoes taste in prwns, i add 3/4th of a small tomato)

5. When the tomatoes are cooked properly add the chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder .

6. Now add the marinated prawns along with half glass of water. close pan tightly with a lid.

7. When the prawns are completely cooked open the lid and make a thick masala. Add salt if needed.

8. Serve hot with Rice or Appam..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ingredients :

Drumsticks : 3, chopped into 2inch piece
Shallots : 10, chopped
Turmeric extract : 5tbsp(small lemon size soaked in water)
Thick Coconut milk : 1cup
Medium thick coconut milk : 1Cup
Green Chilli : 2, chopped
Curry leaves : 2springs
Mustard : 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Red Chilli(dried) : 2

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped shallots. Saute for 5minutes in low flame and add drumsticks, Turmeric powder, green chillies and salt.

2. Now add medium thick coconut milk and add 1spring of curry leaves.

3. When drumsticks are completely cooked, add tamarind extract. Close the pan with a tight lid and cook for some time.

4. Add the thick coconut milk at this stage and add salt if needed. Cook for maximum 3minutes.

5. Now for thadka, heat oil and add mustard, red chillies and curry leaves. Add it to the theeyal and close with a tight lid. after 5minutes you can mix the curry with a spoon to get the aroma of thadka in curry...

6. Serve hot with rice, pappad and lime pickle!!!