Monday, March 30, 2020

Rithika's 10th birthday Party / Under The sea Themed Birthday Party
Under the  sea birthday cake

Under the sea  themed 3 tier birthday Cake

It's a Vanilla Sponge cake with classic Butter cream filled with peaches. I used 8 cakes (two 10"cakes, two 9"cakes and four 6" cakes) for this party.This is how I did it,

Day 1 : Created fondant figures with white fondant and hand-painted them

Under the sea birthday cake

Day 2 : Baked 8 cakes

Day 3 : Created a big batch of butter cream in the morning and started crumb coating all my cakes. Transferred each cake to fridge to set the crumb coat. Then I created Under the sea themed colors Lavender, light green and light pink buttercream and started with the final coat of icing on each cake. Then I assembled the large cake (10inch) on the cake stand. I finished the decorations of 10 inch cake first and added the fondant details and sugar pearls. Then i finished the decorations on 9 inch cake and added it to the top of 10 inch cake. I used dowels and plastic straws in each cake for extra support. The last cake was frosted and decorated on the same day too. I transferred it to the fridge.

Under the sea themed homemade cake / mermaid cake

Day 4: Assemble all three cakes at the venue.

Under the sea themed Goodie bags / Mermaid bags / Mermaid goodie bags / DIY goodie bags

I got the 2 yard fleece fabric from Joann's and  Twill tape from Amazon. I didn't use  any pattern for this project. i cut the fabric to make 8 bags. Sewed the sides together and attached the twill tape on the bottom. This is the the link i followed for reference.

DIY Tote bag for mermaid themed goodie bag  

DIY Tote bag with Twill strap 

DIY Tote bag with fleece fabric from Joann's

Under the sea birthday party food
  • Seaweed salad
  • Coral reef (doritos)
  • Sand dollars (butter cracker)
  • Spider crab eggs (grapes)
  • Fish biscuits (Gold fish crackers)
  • Sea water (water)
  • Starfish (cheddar cheese slices cut with star shaped cookie cutter)
  • Egg Puffs
  • Sprouts salad
  • Dahi vada
  • Chicken Dum biriyani
  • Instant pot Paneer Biriyani

Indian food for party

Under the sea themed food for  birthday party
Under the sea themed birthday cake for my daughter's birthday party

It was hard work, but with proper planning I was able to make my daughter's dream come true.