Sunday, November 29, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

 Let our lives be full of thanks and giving 

Our thanksgiving spread
🍁Grilled whole Tandoori chicken
🍁 Paneer Tikka
🍁 Malai Mushroom Kebab
🍁 Grilled corn
🍁 Mango and chickpeas salad
🍁 Kesar Kulfi

From my friend and neighbor @saranyalv

🍁 Naan
🍁 Kheema
🍁 Sweet potato casserole
🍁 Rasmalai

Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours 🍁🦃🙏

Thank you,

Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween 2020 with Kamado Joe Classic

Halloween 2020 will be one to remember. Much has changed, but our love for Halloween is as strong as ever. We decided to keep it safe without ruining our Halloween traditions. So Trick or treat was only at our close friend's place.

 I fell in love with Kamado-style cooking after we purchased this Kamado Joe classic and smoked the first Rib eye steak and whole chicken for our Halloween party . The ease of temperature control, the longevity of the lump, and the feeling that I just cooked something delicious makes me happier after months and months of search for the perfect grill. My first choice was Weber Genesis II -315, but the reviews about uneven cooking made us think about gas grills. Rashmin found Kamado cooking videos and he loved the concept..

We slow cooked a whole chicken first. Cooking time was 1hr 15 minutes in 450F () internal temperature 165) and then we covered and rested the chicken for another 20minutes. After removing chicken from the grill we grilled the Rib eye steak on direct grill. Changing the setting was not difficult at all. Steak took 90 seconds on one side then changed the position by moving it to the slide slightly to get beautiful grill mark. Cooked for another 90 seconds and flipped the meat and repeat the same 90sec+90sec to get a medium rare steak. Then we transferred it to the indirect cooking zone tillI got internal temperature of 140F. After that loosely covered the meat and allowed to rest for 7minutes. Oh boy!! it was cooked to the perfection!!!

Cooking time of Rib Eye Steak
  • 3 minutes each side for medium rare and internal temperature 120F
  • 4 minutes each side for well done and internal temperature of 145F

DIY Pizza costume 

materials : Cardboard cut into wedge, yellow paint, felt paper Red, white and green for the toppings of pizza