Party Menu & Ideas

Create simple, but stylish, inexpensive party food at home!!

I frequently get calls from my friends with the same question "im planning for a party at home. What can i make without spending much time and money?". So i decided to add a page on my blog which can help my readers to plan according to their occasion. These party-perfect ideas are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

If it is an anniversary / Valentine's day party, click here for details.

Below i am giving the sample of my favorite recipes for your special event. As it is not a daily dinner / Lunch, its very important to do the table setting and decide the menu. You can decorate your table with Fresh flowers / Fruits / Candles. Place the Napkins, plates, cutlery in their place. Keep separate glasses for water and drinks. You can create a 5 course or 7 course menu with minimum efforts if you plan ahead. 

Plan the Menu : 1. There should be one or two Starter / Appetizer to start the party which you can serve with drinks. One can be vegetarian and one non vegetarian starter / Appetizers. 2. Add a salad / Pickled Cucumbers / Pickled baby radishes / Sauteed vegetables / Roasted Potato wedges as a side dish along with  each of your starter. 3. Party drink is very important. You can buy store bought juices / Lemonade / Ginger lemonade / Smoothies / Cocktails / Mock-tails as party drink. 4. If it is a 4 -5 hour party you can add soup in the Menu. If it is a 2-3 hour party it is better not to do soup and fill our guests before starting the Entree 5. Entree / Main course is our star of the day. So plan ahead and decide it. If it is fried rice , you can chop all veggies and cook rice on previous day. If it is pizza party, you can make base on previous day and refrigerate it. 6. Dessert - My favorite part. If you are making a complex Entree, its better to make dessert on previous day. If it is a brownie  / Cupcake you can make and store it well in advance.

Kids Party Ideas - Alfredo Chicken Pasta with Broccoli, Margarita Pizza and Vanilla Cupcake
Option 1 : My Favorite
Serves 8
Option 2 :
Option 3 :
Option 4 : Kids Birthday Party Menu
Option 5 : Chinese Party Menu

Chinese Party Menu : Fried rice, Peanut Pineapple noodles, Chilly chicken and Sesame Honey chilly potatoes
Option 6 : Simple Kerala Party Menu

7th wedding anniversary dinner : Chicken biriyani, Beef roast and semiya payasam
North Indian Vegetarian Party Menu : Dhoodi Mushroom Kebab, Paneer butter masala and Homemade Naan

Option 7 : North indian Party Menu


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