Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Having beetroot every day can help reduce one’s blood pressure..Beet juice should always be mixed with other vegetables and/or fruits.Along with having numerous health benefits, beet root is also beneficial for the skin.
As me n my husband doesn't like the taste of beetroot, i make use of it by making beetroot kesari, this shake and beetroot pachadi.

Ingredients :

Beetroot : 2
Banana : 1
Dates : 10
Milk : 1Cup
Sugar : 4tbsp
Honey : 1tbsp
Crushed ice cubes
Pudina leaves : 2

Method :

1. Make beetroot juice first.

2. Add the remaining ingredients and Combine using a mixer and pour into the serving glass.

This goes to Mahima's "15minutes cooking"


  1. hai lena..
    b4 tryin dis shake i thought it as a healthy drink only, as i doesn like beetroot.. bt this s really tasty..i wl try ur beetroot kesari today..

  2. Tis is simply great..the way of presentation..

  3. so happy to hear that u tried this recipe..thanks lavanya :)

  4. wow.. what a healthy shake...awesome.