Saturday, July 9, 2011

MANIPPUTTU / Steamed Rice Dumplings in Coconut Milk

This recipe brings back my childhood memories :)

Ingredients : 

Rice Flour  : 1Cup(i prefer Chamba rice flour)
Water : 1Cup
Grated Coconut : 1/3Cup or more
Coconut milk : 1st and 2nd extract from half of a coconut
Cardamom Powder  :1/4tsp
Sugar : 2tbsp

Method :

1. In a wide bowl combine rice flour, grated coconut and salt.

2. Boil water in a sauce pan and add this to to the rice flour. Knead it to a a smooth dough. (This is just like the procedures to make idiyaappam / noolappam)

3. Make small balls from it and place it on steamer / iddly vessel. You can apply ghee / coconut oil on your palm to make rice balls easily. Stem them for 7-8minutes or till done.

4. Meanwhile make the coconut milk from fresh grated coconut and add the sugar and cardamom powder to it.  Add the steamed rice dumplings to Coconut milk and Keep aside for 5minutes to soak in coconut milk.

5. Enjoy !!


  1. wow so delicious....i can taste it already lena

  2. Maniputtu adipoli. Makes me nostalgic.

  3. Classic and delicious recipe.. looks simply inviting!!

  4. Traditional and yummy recipe dear...

  5. Looks tasty n so authentic ~ love the recipe!
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  6. Wow!! Lena, I only heard about them but seeing it for the first time. Lovely and they look so cute. Nice and excellent click. BTW I stay in HSR Layout. In Kerala, I am from Kottayam and my Husband is from Kochi.

  7. long time since i had this...yummy!!!\

    Lena..alla kto..njan thanne paranjatha :)...I am not working girlie!!! but my back ground is HR...gotta work only for 10 months , then i was hitched and packed :)so not working for past 3 years , but into a lot of voluntary things in the community :)..hws ur lil bun doing?

  8. This brings back memories for me too. Amma makes this very often and it has been my all time favorite :)

  9. OMG..thats my fav wont believe, yesterday my father was talking to me about mani puttu...but we make it a bit different way...your version sounds very delicious and tempting..I ahve to give it a try....yummmm