Thursday, July 31, 2014


'Parippu Vada' is a popular tea time snack in Kerala which is prepared from crushed dal / lenthils. It is also known as Masala vada or Channa Dal fritters.

Recipe for Authentic Parippu Vada / Parippu Vadai / Masala Vada :
Cooking Time : 10min
Preparation time : 2 hr 5min
Makes : 12-14

Ingredients :

Channa Dal (Kadala parippu) : 1Cup
Onion : 1, medium, finely chopped
Green Chillies : 4, finely chopped
Ginger : 1tsp or 1 1/2inch piece, finely chopped
Curry Leaves : 3springs, finely chopped
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry

Directions for the easy Parippu Vada : 

1. Wash and soak Channa dal for 2hours. Now drain with a colander and let them dry.  (If the dal has water in it, you wont be able to make the perfect crispy parippu vada's.)

2. Transfer it to a mixer grinder with salt and crush for a second or two. Make sure you are not grinding the dal into a smooth paste. Add all ingredients except oil to the crushed Dal and combine well.

3. Heat oil to deep fry in a kadai. Wet your palms and make a lemon size ball and flatten to a round patty and drop into the hot oil. (small sized Parippuvada's takes less time to cook and needs less oil.)

4. Flip to the other side after 5 minutes or when the sides turns to golden in color. Drain excess oil on tissue paper and serve hot with tea or coffee.

Notes :
You can use Toor dal (thuvara parippu) instead of channa Dal, but channa dal gives the authentic taste to parippu vada especially when it is fried in coconut oil.



  1. Vada looks crunchy and tasty!!

  2. Vada looks so crispy and yummmy the colour looks so perfect...


  3. Do you know Thuvara parippu ? It is the ingredient of parippu vada... okay

  4. Do you know Thuvara parippu ? It is the ingredient of parippu vada... okay

    1. i use it sometimes, but i like the kadalaparippu better