Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Foolproof Appam (easy version of traditional Appam) - Lemon n spice Kids Lunchbox series

My refrigerator has Appam and Dosa batter today. It's always easy if we have such a backup option in the morning to do an easy and fast lunchbox. I added 1 extra teaspoon of sugar to the appam batter to make it extra sweet as Rithika doesn't like to take curry to school. Then plated the lunchbox with cocktail cucumbers, Onam special sarkkavaratti (Kerala chips made with raw plantain), grapes and multivitamin gummies.

Appam - Lemon n spice Kids Lunchbox series

Foolproof Appam recipe / Paalappam recipe/ Vellayappam recipe/ How to make a small batch of soft Appam batter? Kerala soft appam batter recipe


2 Cups: Raw rice/ Pachari / Sona masoori rice / Basmati rice/ Kolam
1 Cup : Poha / Aval / Cooked rice
1 Cup : Grated coconut
3/4tsp Salt 
1tsp dry active yeast (i always use Fleischmann yeast as it never disappoints me)
2tbsp Sugar


1. Wash and soak rice for minimum 4 hours. 

2.  Dissolve dry yeast and sugar in 1/4 cup lukewarm water for 30min or till its frothy.  At the same time, soak Poha in 1 cup water and keep aside to become soft (15minutes).

3. To the blender add the sugar-yeast mixture, coconut, drained soaked rice, salt, and Poha. Grind it to a fine paste. (I use my Vitamix)

3. Now transfer the batter to a large vessel with a tight lid and let it ferment for 2 1/2  to 3 hours in a warm place.(I keep it in the oven with the oven lights on.) 

4. Heat Appachatti / Kadai and smear little coconut oil on it.Pour one spoon full of batter  and rotate the pan in circular manner to get the shape of appam. Put a tight lid on it and allow to cook the center and golden crisp on the border.

Note : 
You can leave the batter overnight, but yeast works the best in its first 4-5 hours. So i dont leave it overnight. If you want to leave it overnight reduce the quantity of yeast from 1 tsp to 1/2 tsp.

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  1. Hi, Can I skip the yeast and let it ferment in a warm place overnight?

    1. Unfortunately the appam's won't ferment if you are not using yeast

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  7. hi, Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, actually i have a question can i make this appam without yeast ?

  8. hi, Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, actually i have a question can i make this appam without yeast ?