Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Flamingo cake for Rithika's 11th Birthday

 Stand tall my darling!!!!

Every year I make themed birthday cake for my daughter's birthday. Over the years I have taught myself, through trial and error, to make some pretty neat  cakes. I loved baking and decorating each of them. And I think this is the most beautiful cake I have ever made.

This is a classic 1- 2 -3 -4 cake filled with lemon curd and layered with orange butter cream frosting. Due to pandemic, there was no big birthday party this year. Just a birthday cake and a special lunch with family.  I made  3 six inch cakes 2 days before birthday party. Crumb coated and finished the cake with fondant. Topper is made with fondant and gum paste. And the highlight of the cake - Feathers, they are with wafer paper. I hand-painted 40 feathers and air dried for 10hours. Adding real gold leaf to the cake was another surprise for my daughter.  




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  3. Hi Rithika I would love to know how you made the feathers. Would you be willing to share your method? My almost 3 year old has said, 'I want a pink flamingo party, Mummy!' Thanks so much Kay

    1. Hello Kay.. Happy birthday to your princess. i used wafer paper to make feathers. just buy them online , cut them roughly in any shape you want. dip color in vodka / vanilla extract, paint it on each feather , allow to dry.you can use hair dresser to dry it faster too. there are tons of videos for " wafer paper feathers / flowers too. i hope this helps

  4. Thanks so much. Did you use gel colour that you diluted with vodka?