Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KALAKAND from home made Paneer

A famous North Indian sweet made of fresh cottage cheese and sweetened milk. This is usually prepared on the occasion of Gokulashtamy (Lord Krishna's Birthday).

Recipe for Homemade Kalakand :
Cooking time : 20min
Makes : 10

Ingredients :

Paneer : 200g
Condensed Milk : 150g
Milk Powder : 2tbsp
Sugar : 2tbsp
Pistachios : 10, chopped to garnish
Cardamom Powder : 1/4tsp
Ghee : 1tbsp

Method : 

1. Cut the paneer into small cubes. Put them in a mixer/ food processor and powder them.

2. Now add condensed milk, cardamom powder, sugar and milk powder to the powdered paneer and make a fine paste.

3. Transfer this to a heavy bottom vessel and stir continuously for 20min on a medium flame. 

4. When the mixture starts to leave the sides and sticks to the spatula, turn off the flame.

5. Transfer to greased rectangular pan and press evenly with the spatula. Sprinkle chipped pistachios on top of it. Let it cool and cut into squares.

How To Make fresh Paneer :

Boil 1 liter full cream milk and add 1tbsp Lemon juice / 1tbsp Vinegar / Citric acid. Turn to low flame and stir for 1minute. Remove from flame and cover with a lid. After 10 minutes drain it into a towel / thorthu. Place a plate on top of it and press to remove the excess water. Now keep some weight on top of it (Chappathi stone / books) and keep aside for 2hours. Refrigerate for an hour before cutting it into squares.

Note : 

Kalakand is made from fresh cottage cheese. If you are using off the shelf cottage cheese, use on that day itself to make this sweet.

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