Thursday, August 18, 2011

PAL PAYASAM / Kerala Rice Kheer with Milk

 What better way to start Onam specials, than with Pal Payasam. This payasam also known as Ambalappuzha pal payasam,  is made with a special Kerala rice - Unakkallari and is cooked with milk. .

Ingredients :

Unakkallari / Kerala Red rice : 1/2Cup, cleaned and drained
Milk : 5Cups
Sugar : 1Cup

Method :

Combine all ingredients in a pressure cooker and cook on low flame for 20-30minutes. Turn off the flame before it whistles. It will enhance the pink shade of payasam.

Traditional way :

1. Heat milk in a heavy bottom vessel and add the rice to it. Cook in medium / low flame until the rice is 80%cooked.

2. Now add the sugar and continue cooking. Cook on low flame till the quantity of milk is reduced to 2/3rd.(should not over cook the rice as it will change the consistency of payasam) It takes about 1 1/2hrs and continuous stirring is needed after adding sugar.(that's why people makes it only for festivals)

3. You can turn of the flame when the rice floats on the thick- light pink  payasam. 

Note :

1. Traditional paal prathaman is not garnished with cashews and raisins. If you need, you can add it in the end. For that add 1tsp ghee in a pan and add cahews and raisins. Golden fry both and add to payasam.

2. If you are not having Unakkallari, use basmati rice / sona masuri rice.



  1. My fav payasam dear....I like it a bit thin/watery....Here we dont get no way to cook it....talkalam pic nokki vellam arrakam..;(

  2. yummy you use normal red rice or broken red rice? I never made this before

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  6. fav...looks so yummy and delish.

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  8. Very tasty kheer. looks thick and creamy. thanks for sharing.

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