Monday, August 11, 2014


Chicken pieces cooked with a fresh green masala of Mint, Cilantro  and and other spices. It is a quick and easy to make chicken gravy recipe and goes well with appam / rose matta rice / pulao / chappathis / Kerala parotta / Naan. 

How to make the best Mint chicken / Pudina Chicken / Hara Chicken?
Preparation time : 30min
Serves : 3
Calories : 332cal per serving

Ingredients :

Chicken : 500g, small pieces with bones

Onion : 1 large, thinly sliced
Tomato : 1, medium sized, roughly chopped
Ginger : 1inch piece
Garlic : 5 cloves
Green chillies : 5 or 6
Cumin (jeerakam) : 3/4tsp 
Peppercorns : 1Tbsp
Chilly powder : 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Coriander powder : 1 1/2tsp
Garam Masala : 3/4tsp
Dried Red chillies : 2
Mint Leaves (Pudina): handful, chopped
Coriander leaves/ Cilantro (Malliyila) : handful, chopped
Oil : 2 tbsp++

Directions for Kerala Restaurant Style  Mint / Pudina Chicken :

1. Wash and drain the chicken pieces using a colander.

2. Grind together garlic, ginger, black pepper, cumin, mint leaves, Coriander leaves and green chillies. Keep aside.

3. Heat oil in a Kadai or wide non-stick pan and add onions and saute till the onions turns to translucent. Now add the ground green pudina masala (step2) and stir fry for 2 to 4 minutes.

4. Add the coriander powder, chilly powder, turmeric powder and garam masala at this stage and fry for another minute. Now add the tomatoes and combine well. When it becomes soft, add the drained chicken pieces, salt and combine well. Cover the pan with a tight lid and cook for 20minutes in low flame. (Do not add water)

5. When the chicken pieces are cooked, turn the heat into medium flame and saute till you get a thick gravy. Adjust the salt  according to your taste.

6. Remove from flame and  Serve hot with naan / pulao / chappathi / appam.


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