Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine's Day is a great time to put on your hostess hat and practice entertaining in style. Why go out for an expensive meal on Valentine's Day, stand in a line for 30 min,  when you can woo your sweetie with delicious home-cooked feast in a far more romantic setting? Every year i make it really special when it comes about Valentine's day. Even after having my daughter, i got the same time and enthusiasm for creating a romantic feast for my husband. You can see this post, i wrote years back about creating a special Valentine's day at home apart from homemade food.

Breakfast : Classic Buttermilk pancakes, I cut it with a large heart shaped cookie cutter and drizzled melted chocolate on top and served with halved strawberries.

Classic buttermilk pancakes
Lunch : Crispy chicken finger KFC style , Mushroom Mini pie and triple berry crumble
Chicken fingers, Mushroom Pie and Triple berry crumble
Dinner : Fried chicken dry roast with Rice roti