Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A special day to celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world, LOVE. A special day to express your love in a romantic way..Impress your partner with Gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates or with a special home cooked feast :)Here are a few ideas to make Valentine's Day special for your husband
  • Select theme as Red and white / Pink and white / Red and Pink / Red / White.
  • Arrange Bed cover / pillow cover / Cushion cover / Table cover  in  theme color.
  • Select any romantic instrumental music like Prem Joshwas "Sky Kisses on Earth".
  • Arrange a dozen red roses delicately in a vase and place it on table.
  • Take a new crockery set from shelf than choosing the daily used ones.
  • Create Love coupons / vouchers / tiny notes with construction paper and write any love notes / promises you would like to make on this special day. Keep it on bed with a red rose.
  • make 3 coupons like 2 naughty and one extremely opposite , eg : 30min head massage or back scrub for your wife. Ask him to choose one. My husband has no luck and always end by choosing 30 min head massage :)
  • Wear the dress gifted by your valentine and be ready to surprise him with the arrangements and Valentine's day special dinner.
  • Create a special evening at home together.
  • Choose a movie from Netflix / Google play (or an old favorite) and watch together.

Here im giving you a special Valentine's menu with my favorite dessert. 

Salad : Emerald Fruit Salad  / Persian Melon Salad / Apple Kale Salad
Emerald Fruit Salad
Persian Melon Salad
Apple Spring Salad

Starters1 : Cheese CroquettesEgg Croquettes / Golden Prawn Sticks / Chicken Fingers
Cheese Croquettes
Egg Croquettes
Golden Prawn sticks
Chicken Fingers / copycat KFC chicken crispy cicken

Seafood Pizza

Butterscotch and dry fruit tart