Sunday, August 7, 2011

CRUMB FRIED PRAWNS / Chinese Crispy prawns

The simple starter recipe with prawns.

Ingredients :
Tiger Prawns : 10,cleaned and deveined
Soy Sauce : 1tsp
Chilly Sauce : 1tsp
Tomato Sauce : 1tsp
Vinegar : 1tsp
Cornflour : 1tsp
Bread crumbs from 2 bread slices
Vegetable oil

Method :
Marinate prawns with all ingredients except bread crumbs for 1hour. Roll prawns with bread crumbs and fry till golden in oil and serve hot with tomato sauce / mayonnaise. 

Things to remember when you marinate fish / meat : 
1). keep in airtight freezer packets or arrange it on a plate and cover it with cling film. 
2). Use with in 20 hours 
3). Even if you are grilling / baking / frying, don't use the excess marinade.


  1. Wow looks delicious..inviting clicks

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  5. Simple starter huh?!! It looks so gourmet and mouthwatering!!

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  7. Awesome presentation!!! Simple & yet makes for a tasty snack!!!
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  9. These look soooooo tempting....delicious...Beautiful presentation...:)

    Hey about the bread...Sorry for the delay...I am a first timer in bread baking...I checked the book with me and they have not said any such conditions dear..but they are referring to some things like..proper kneading,the correct form of dough like smooth, sticky etc...whatever the recipe calls for...
    tapping the crust to check if it is done...else baking it further...
    If you dont want the outer to be crusty they said to apply shortening on top and to cover it with a slightly damp towel...I dint try this.
    From my personal experience..
    cool the ingredients that are asked in the recipe...bcoz once while I was making cake I poured warm butter in a hurry and the cake was soggy even after long baking...I feel the reason is warm butter(guess)
    Do not add more liquid unless you really need it...bcoz while making bread when I was kneading I felt that liquid was less initially...but after a bit of effort it was proper..
    I can help you only with these words..:(

    No much idea on this..Hey if u get any new info do share with me...ya and if I have told anything wrong do point out..;)

  10. Crumb fried prawns looks delicious.

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