Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PRAWNS VINDALOO / Goan Shrimp Vindaloo

Ingredients for Goan Prawns Vindaloo:

Prawns : 500g
Potato : 1, finely chopped
Onion : 2, finely chopped
Vinegar : 2tbsp
Ghee : 1tbsp
Sugar : 1/2tsp

Goan Prawns Vindaloo

Goan Vindaloo Masala :

Cumin Seeds : 3/4tsp
Mustard Seeds : 3/4tsp
Garlic : 5flakes
Ginger : 3/4inch piece
Dried kashmiri red chillies : 6-7
Pepper Corns : 3/4tsp
Curry leaves : 2springs
Cinnamon : 1 inch piece
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Cloves : 4

Goan Prawns Vindaloo

How to cook Goan Prawns Vindaloo

1. Using a mixer, grind together the ingredients listed under the 'vindaloo masala' and 1tbsp vinegar to a smooth paste. Keep aside.

2. Heat ghee in an iron skillet / heavy bottom vessel and add onion and fry till they turn to brown in color.

3. Now add ground masala and fry for 3-4minutes. Add potato, 1/2cup water, salt and cover the pan with a tight lid. Cook till the potatoes are 90% done. Now add cleaned and deveined prawns, remaining vinegar  and salt. Cover & cook till they are soft and tender. Sprinkle the sugar and combine well.

4. Serve this goan prawns curry / prawns vindaloo with rice / chappathi.

Goan Prawns Vindaloo


  1. very tempting recipe with going to try this for sure

  2. Hi Lena, Thanks for checking out my blog often and thanks for asking. Just busy with guests from india. Hoping to get back to blogging soon. And the prawn curry looks just yummy!

  3. Wow,kothipichu..adipoli prawns vindaloo,thanks for sharing.

  4. Mouthwatering here..drooling over that irresistible vindaloo..

  5. Irresistible prawn vindaloo over there dear! Drooling here...;)

  6. Will try this out; colour look rich.

  7. delicious looking flavourful vindaloo

  8. Hi dear... I prepared this and it's awesome...